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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Joseph John Rothengast: US action in Iraq

If we must learn from history than we should remember that millions of people did not want the United States to enter World War I or II. Neither was the Civil War popular, but without the Civil War we would still have slavery, if we didn’t go to war in WW I, we may be all speaking German and not have democracy.
As for WW II, millions of people, not just Jews, died in German camps while we waited and the Germans took over most of Europe. It is important to act early, remember Iraq started the war 12 years ago!

If Iraq doesn’t have WMD then why have their soldiers been issued gas masks?
Last year, PBS’s Wideangle show, showed tapes of the terrorist group known as 999 training in Iraq and having connections to al-Qaeda. They even had an Iraq intelligence agent who admitted to it.

Ask the French if they wanted to wait longer to be saved from German occupation. Why than wouldn’t the people of Iraq want to wait? They have been under occupation far longer.

As for the Arab League, when will then take care of their own problems? Sadam attacked Iran and Kuwait, maybe we should have left him alone to take over the other Arab countries? They know that we aren’t in this to conquer Iraq to take it over but to free the people.

Why is it that Peace Protestors produce so much violence and prevent government operations and cost so much in taxes? They would be better to let the US spend the savings on Humanitarian Aid to those who need it.

As for , they have been freely using drugs for decades, thereby helping violence in drug countries and the United States. They should clean their own house first!

Mr. Joseph John Rothengast,
Raleigh, NC, USA

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