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George Person: Give president Bush some credit on Iraq


Now that the USA has handed over power to Iraq - the new sovereign government of Iraq has the power to cut off hands - I thought you might have given President Bush some credit on this one - he's allowing the Iraqi people to get back to their roots of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth - this is truly a keen sense of cultural awareness President Bush is exercising as he goes the full circle in exorcising Iraq of its unclean spirit of totalitarian politics - bringing democratic reform to a land, who can still cut off a man's hand...allowing the other to cast a vote or wipe his butt, whatever comes first on election day....maybe both...this is what I call, "frontier justice," crude but very effective with hard to communicate with types......
When it comes to homicidal control freaks like Saddam Hussein, a little bit of chaos is quite refreshing  in Iraq...true, it may be a little unsettling to the faint of heart....but the new sovereign government of Iraq has promised and ample amount of pain, suffering and mutilation in accordance with the old legal school of the Muslim world - if little Muslim boys want to start plinking at authority figures with spare bullets and AK-47's, he runs a serious risk of being "permanently" disfigured from the head down....I guess we are going to get a first hand glimpse of the power of draconian punishments and the rule of law and order and democracy - a strange breed of democracy indeed.... a mark of a great culture is to allow other cultures to be democratic but observe their own laws and customs...this new breed of thinking may need a little marshalling to the force of 160,000 US troops...
With a little bit of patience we dug Saddam out of his little rat the dismay of many of President Bush's detractors.....even President Putin was gracious enough to add to the intellectual atmosphere of the Iraqi conflict that Saddam had evil terrorist intentions..... which any being of light should easily's not Satan's job to bring justice to murdered men women and children of sarin nerve gas weapons, who Saddam treated with no more dignity than that of a cockroach--How can somebody sleep at night knowing he killed another human being with chemical weapons?! The problem with the world is that they are scared of big cockroaches like Saddam ...and they hid under their bed's at night having nightmares about the evil that would be unleashed upon the world, if the USA went into Iraq putting its foot on his back...however , before we got the pappa roach, he bred a lot of baby roaches, so now we have a hell's kitchen in Iraq full of roaches....but it's better to try and get rid of the roaches, than let them stay hidden behind the woodwork of timid world public opinion......and dismantle the house of satan Saddam ruled with murder and torture.....and replace it with a democratic God fearing nation..that believes in decency and truth......
President Bush's gambit has worked so far...there's still quite a battle for control...but if the people of Iraq, show the same courage and committment as a US soldier or an Iraqi security personel, they can win...the country of Iraq should never be dictated to ever again by a small group of men who prey upon the weaknesses of their neighbors, bringing their misery to power.....
So far President Bush is a man of honor...and the new leaders of Iraq know that, as they slowly cut the puppet's strings and walk on their own two the exciting sound of a new political heart beat.....
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona


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