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Zena: Muslims are being victimized across the West RESPONSE

The PRAVDA.Ru article on Islamophobia - Muslims must ask themselves why their Quran is a book of holy terror by the terrorist muhd. who set the examples.  
Readers should log onto:  www.faithfreedom.org . There is a letter from Itifikar Ahmad of London school of Islamics writing his nonsense and thrashed soundly by Ali Sina.

Also log onto   www.islamreview.com   Both Muslims and non- Muslims can read this website and treat it as candles in the dark, murky muslim world.     Wake up Muslims, and smell the coffee.

The United States' Head of Diplomacy, or Secretary of State, is an anachronistic, incompetent, meddling, intrusive, insolent and arrogant, rude individual, a brash, foul-mouthed upstart, a conceited, self-important guttersnipe and an insult to the international community, as fit for the job as a pedophile janitor in a grade school.

Tillerson must go!