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George Person: Mystery of Christ's wounds RESPONSE

The Christian and the Supernatural....What does it mean?! Is it a state of spiritual mind or is it the power of suggestion magnified by the mystery of the mind through the power
of human chemistry and psychology?!
Thus, the fertile position, the one which fires-up the imagination is obviously the Christian supernatural...people who are devoutly religious or have so much potential to be religious, like the lovely Natasha. When they start getting mysterious wounds in places where Christ suffered is certainly a healthy supernatural snack for the modern mind to feed upon...
Perhaps it is the imagination, but the imagination which magnifies the supernatural writings of the Bible may be the Garden of Eden unfolding, where the mustard seed of faith explodes into a universe full of life...by the power of thought and word alone...so, even if a psychologist uses hypnosis, he may be just allowing the subject to focus the spiritual force of God growing within his mind, as the Little Boy fashions sparrows from mud and clay along the river Jordan, as its holy waters flows through His mind....
For in the beginning there was "The Word" ...showing just how powerful ideas alone can be in the Supreme Being's mind.....whom we are fashioned in His likeness.....after all, if you take every human being who ever lived, even for just one second, we wouldn't have enough souls on this Earth to put one soul in every galaxy of the Universe...How special our destinies must be in a Universe so big, and if we are going to be given power and responsibility to be brothers of Christ, shouldn't we demonstrate the power of our minds and spirit upon the Earth, as we fertilize His words and teachings with our emotions and spirit, as our mind becomes ever cognizant of the supreme divine hand in the creation of the universe....
The poetic position is to believe in the divine..and see everything in life as full of meaning and revelation...then you see the world for its beauty, as it speaks it natural revelation to the men and women who walk upon this magnificently engineered Earth...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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