Russia marks Black Sea Fleet Day

The Black Sea Fleet is considered to have been founded by Prince Potemkin on May 13, 1783, together with its principal base, the city of Sevastopol. The major shipyard is located in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv. Expanding to the south at the end of 18th century, Russia struggled for a long time against its main rival in the region, the Ottoman Empire, with the Ottoman Navy being its main opponent in the Black Sea. The Black Sea Fleet defeated the Turks in 1790, fought the Ottomans during World War I, the Romanians during World War II, and Georgia during the 2008 South Ossetia war. The division of the fleet in 1997 became the basis of the Ukrainian Navy. On May 13, 2014, Russia marked the Day of the Black Sea Fleet on its own territory, which the country returned as a result of the political crisis in Ukraine All photos by: Vadim Savitsky

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