Author`s name Michael Simpson

Russian Vessel Helps James Cameron Make Films

Akademik Keldysh played an important role in making The Titanic
The Russian vessel Akademik Keldysh, the world's best deep-diving support vessel, is going to an expedition with American film director James Cameron who plans to shoot a documentary about the World Ocean.

Andrey Derbenkov, the deputy director for fleet in the Atlantic department in the Oceanology Institute of Russia's Academy of Sciences told the Interfax news agency that James Cameron's film group will come on board of Keldysh in the Canadian port of Halifax.

The American film director will spend about three months on board of the support vessel. Andrey Derbenkov says that Cameron is perfectly acquainted with the crew, as they became a harmonious team during the previous underwater shooting.

Akademik Keldysh is equipped with the Mir deep-water apparatuses that were used for underwater shooting of the Titanic and the Bismarck battleship. The footage was included into The Titanic and the documentary Ghosts of the Abyss. 

This time the film director is interested in hydrothermal fields of the World Ocean that are known under an unofficial name "black smokers".

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