Author`s name Ольга Савка

A Large Meteorite Fell Down on the Irkutsk Region

Residents of the town of Bodaibo in the Irkutsk region witnessed the fall of a large celestial body. Gazeta.Ru informed that Scientists do not exclude that it might be a meteorite.

This was reported by the regional department of the Russian EMERCOM. They added that they had received that information from the Institute of Solar and Earth Physics of the Siberian division of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Scientists said that Bodaibo residents  could see the fall of a  very large luminous body, which looked like a huge stone. The unidentified object fell down in the woods. The site of the fall is situated very far from any settlements, but the people sensed a strong shock of the land, which could be comparable to an earthquake. In addition to that, the people also heard a thunder-like sound. Flashes of bright light could be seen above the site of
the meteorite’s fall.

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