Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Americans to Build Skyscrapers in Moscow

Moscow mayor advertises his book in America and studies US's experience in skyscraper construction
The US Government, the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development in particular, will render expert assistance in skyscraper construction in Moscow. Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov reported the information in Washington during his visit to the US, RIA Novosti informs.

On Tuesday, the head of the Moscow Government met with US Acting Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alfonso Jackson. According to Yury Luzhkov, the Moscow Government plans to build 60 new skyscrapers of 47 to 60 stories in the Russian capital. At that, the Moscow authorities would like to make use of the US's experience in skyscraper construction and apply the most modern of skyscraper technologies.
The US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development will soon visit Moscow to continue talks on the issue. On Wednesday, Yury Luzhkov was to meet with Washington Mayor Anthony Williams and with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg - on Thursday. 
The Moscow mayor took part in presentation of the American issue of his book "Revival of History. Mankind in the 21st Century and Russia's Future". The ceremony took place at the US Congress Library Tuesday evening. 

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