Author`s name Michael Simpson

Russia and Hockey

Russian team only has to wait for further results to see whether it gets into the quarterfinals
The hockey match held by Russia and Canada: Russia would be quite happy if the match ended up with a draw. But the Russian team lost for the third time. Our hockey players couldn't resists Canadians in  the last game of the world championship qualification lap. Finally, the result of the game was not comforting - 2:5.

A puck sent into the opponent's goal by Russian Alexander Frolov at the very beginning of the game gave hope to millions of Russian hockey fans. It even seemed just for a moment that the Russian team could finally gain assurance in the game and forget the losses in the games with the Swedish and Latvian hockey teams. It's a pity, but in a couple of minutes the Canadian team won back; Doan scored a return puck. After that the struggle was on equal terms on the ice, none of the teams would yield. 

Canadians managed to score four pucks one after another in the second and third periods. And the Russian team had a chance to score one more puck at the end of the game (Arkhipov scored the second puck). At that, the Russian team sent more pucks against the opponent's goal, 40 against the 34 sent by Canadians.

Let's look at the situation in the F group where the team coached by Vladimir Pluschev plays. In this group, Canadians are sure leaders with 9 points. Then goes the Swedish team with 6 points, Russia and Switzerland go third and fourth with 4 points each, the Latvian hockey team with 2 points is fifth in the group. The last position is occupied by the Danish team with one draw. The Russian and Canadian teams have already ended all matches in the qualification, other teams have one reserve game each.

After all, the Russian team only has to wait for further results to see whether it gets into the quarterfinals. It remains less than 24 hours to wait whether the games of Sweden and Denmark with Switzerland and Latvia will be a success.