Head of Chuvashia granted "President-2001" honorary title - 8 October, 2002

The Organizing Committee of the Russian National Olympus prize has decided to award the President-2001 top honorary public title to the President of the Chuvash Republic (the Volga region), Nikolai Fyodorov.

As RIA Novosti learned from the press service of the administration of the president of Chuvashia, this prize was given to recognize his personal achievements and contribution to the development of Russia last year. The prize was founded by the Russian Government, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Trade Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs under the auspices of the Administration of the Russian President and the Russian Security Council.

The founders of the prize pointed out that against the background of the economic reforms being implemented in difficult conditions for the past ten years the Chuvash Republic, headed by Fyodorov, had become an RF constituent member that is dynamically developing and introducing new ideas, taking into account that the republic lacks raw material potential.

Chuvashia is taking part in various international programmes and has won the reputation of a region taking interest in various spheres, from the introduction of the institute of family doctors, the single state examination and the creation of "electronic government." The republic which has won the all-Russian competition in "the transparency and effectiveness of the system of public finances" enjoys the reputation of fulfilling its financial obligations without fail.

On November 5th, the Rossiya State Concert Hall will host the 6th ceremony of awarding the Russian National Olympus, the main all-Russian prize. According to the 2001 results, top honorary titles will be awarded in the following categories: The Minister of the Year, the Mayor of the Year, the Legend-Man, the Super-Star and others.