Author`s name Michael Simpson

Do Ecologists Ban Rockot Missile Complex?

PRAVDA.Ru already reported that the Arkhangelsk regional department for natural resources management and environmental protection decreed that operation of the Rockot missile complex of Plesetsk cosmodrome must be stopped on June 1, 2003. The resolution provoked a stormy reaction of the community. Do ecologists prohibit space exploration? Recently the situation has slightly cleared up.

In particular, authorities of the Arkhangelsk region touched upon guarantees of implementation of the liabilities Russia assumed in the framework of realization of international space programs. For example, stoppage of the Rockot complex might result in frustration of launching of two foreign satellites, "Most" and "Mimosa", scheduled for June 30. PRAVDA.Ru correspondent learnt in the Promorye administration press-service that extraordinary measures had been taken to improve the situation; under assistance of the regional administration in solution of the problem, the chief regional inspector for environmental protection gave a permission that allowed operation of the Rockot missile complex.  

Completion of construction works at the complex and start-up of a sewage disposal plant are scheduled for the end of October. These works will help recommence successful operation of the missile complex and carry out obligations that Russia assumed in the framework of international cooperation programs.