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First Military Ship Repaired in Post-Soviet Era

The experimental repairs proved to be a success

The first post-perestroika repairs of a large surface first-class military naval vessel are successfully coming to an end in Russia. He commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov, said after visiting the Zvezdochka shipyard in the city of Severodvinsk (in Arkhangelsk region), where the repair work is being done, that the repaired torpedo-boat destroyer Besstrashny (Fearless) would be incorporated into the Northern Navy in June.

The commander-in-chief highly esteemed the quality of the repair work being done at the Severodvinsk shipyard. Kuroyedov said that, although repairs of this kind are just experimental at the enterprise, which is overseen by Nikolai Kalistratov, the experiment was a success. This means that more contracts for repairing similar ships at the shipyard may be further concluded.

During his visit to the northern shipyard, Kuroyedov also visited Zvezdochka's 10th repair facility, where the Indian diesel-electrical submarine Sindugosh was undergoing repairs. The commander-in-chief met with the Indian submarine commander and made a memorable inscription in the submarine’s guest book.

During his northern visit, Kuroyedov also met with Director General of the Russian Shipbuilding Agency Vladimir Pospelov and directors of Severodvinsk defense establishments. The parties discussed prospects of realizing state-defense orders and methods for adjusting them.

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