Author`s name Ольга Савка

Eduard Limonov's Activists Handcuff Themselves in Train

Moscow-Kaliningrad train had to be delayed for 1.5 hours

On Sunday, the Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the action of "political protest" conducted by Eduard Limonov's party activists. The event took place in a train on the Moscow-Kaliningrad railway. The PR department of the ministry said, 16 Russian citizens had handcuffed themselves in the 149th Moscow-Kaliningrad train. They were found in the train at the station of Kyana, Lithuania, during the customs control. All the 16 men said they were members of Limonov's National Bolshevik Party (NBP).

"Young men refused to take the handcuffs off. They tore railway transit documents to pieces and stated travelling to Kaliningrad should be relieved of the paperwork," a foreign ministry spokesperson said. The Lithuanian police tried to take the handcuffs off, but it was not easy to do, because the activities filled handcuff locks with glue, NEWSRU.Com reported.

The ministry said, the action in the Moscow-Kaliningrad train could be described as "political hooliganism with a view to achieve a certain effect against the background of the coming elections to the Russian Federation State Duma." Because of the provocation, the train had to be delayed for 1.5 hours. The organizers of the action were detained by Lithuanian law-enforcement bodies, RIA Novosti said.