Author`s name Michael Simpson

Kosovo Repeated In Russia's Stavropolye

Population increases thanks to Caucasus migrants
The regional State Statistics Committee in Russia's Stavropolye region published preliminary results of a population census held last year. According to the official data, there are 2,735,100 people living in the region now; 53.2% of them are women. 56 percent of the regional population are urban, 355,000 of them are living in the city of Stavropol. Regarding the population number, the cities of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk and Nevinnomyssk come right after Stavropol. It's a pity, but although the settlements of Vesely and Vinogradny are marked on the map of Stavropolye, there are no people living there now.

As the population census reveals, the citizens of Stavropolye rank themselves among different nationalities, even those that actually don't exist. They named themselves as Scythians, khokhols, tavlins, Moslems, Slavs, etc.

As compared with 1989, the regional population increased by 13,000 people. The increase is due to people who came to the region from the North Caucasus republics and from CIS countries.

Severny Kavkaz