Author`s name Michael Simpson

Remains of 143 Soviet Soldiers Buried in Common Grave

58 years after WWII, some soldiers are still unburied
Remains of 143 Soviet soldiers killed during the East-Prussian campaign on the territory of today's Kaliningrad region in 1944-1945 were buried in a common grave of a military memorial cemetery in the settlement of Medvedevka (Gurjevsky district). A mourning ceremony started with a meeting in Kaliningrad, on Marshal Vasilevsky Square then a column of vehicles delivered 20 coffins to the cemetery. An office for the dead was served there and the military fired a salute.

An obelisk was mounted on the common grave; names of heroes who have been identified are engraved on the obelisk. Officials of the regional administration, commanders of the Baltic Fleet, war veterans and representatives of public organizations took part in the mourning ceremony.

According to the Kaliningrad regional war veterans committee, names of 150,000 soldiers killed on the territory of the Kaliningrad region during WWII have been determined. What is more, names of 150,000 victims killed in the death camps set up by fascists in the region are also known now. ITAR-TASS informs, the names have been included into the Memory Book of the Kaliningrad region. Now the book consists of 16 volumes.

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