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Nenetsk Tundra Fighting with Large Oil Spillage

However, the oil company guilty of the spillage has not stopped pumping oil
The administration of the Nenetsk Autonomous District met to discuss the consequences of an accident on a pipeline belonging to the Severnoye Siyanie company. PRAVDA.Ru has already reported on the appearance of giant oil spots emerging in the Nenetsk tundra. This ecological disaster is the most serious that has occurred over the past few years. 

Nomka, the news agency of Pomorye reports that a spokesperson for the Department for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense in the Nenetsk Autonomous District Sergey Boyenko just returned from the accident site. He says specialists of environmental organizations have already collected 82 cubic meters of oily liquid from the surface of the Kolva River. Additional booms have been constructed close to the 3rd bridge near Kharyaga. 685 meters of booms have been already constructed on the Kolva River. Sergey Boyenko says the above mentioned measures have proved to be really effective. The chosen method of oil collection is correct as it guarantees 90% refinement of the water surface. At the same time, the Department for Emergency Situation and Civil Defense of the region reports that oil has accumulated at the confluence of the Sandivei River and Kolva.

Participants of the session of the operational headquarters are troubled with the fact that although the Severnoye Siyanie company was ordered to stop oil pumping through the oil pipeline, the company still transports oil along the route. Ecologists say workers of the company who are guilty of the oil spillage and burn the remains of the spilt oil right at the accident site. This is extremely dangerous as oil is burnt in close vicinity of the oil pipeline. Representative of the company Alexey Pastukhov was present at the session and confirmed that oil was still pumped along the pipeline. He failed to answer the question why the company failed to carry out the instruction of the Nenetsk Regional Department for Emergency Situations. After the session, it was decided to cable the Severnaya Neft company and ask to stop receiving oil from the Severnoye Siyanie company as the latter failed to carry out the instruction to stop the oil pumping. In addition, participants of the session suggested a number of additional measures that would help liquidate consequences of the emergency situation.

As it became known later, Severnaya Neft gave up receiving oil from the Severnoye Siyanie company and the latter had to stop the oil pumping along the pipeline.