Author`s name Michael Simpson

Crimes Getting Rather Exotic in Russia

Russians are incredible: they can hijack a car even when it has no engine inside!
Several very exotic crimes have been recently registered in the Russian city of Severodvinsk, the Arkhangelsk region. A slightly drunk man was attacked by three strangers in an old residential area of the city in broad daylight. The three guys demanded that the man must take off his jeans, a shirt and shoes; at that, the criminals also took the passport of the man and made off. The robbed turned out to be not the timid type: he was not ashamed to get to the nearest street phone being half-dressed, called police and explained the spice of the situation. It was not a problem at all to find and detain the three robbers; those were jobless men at the ages of 24, 22 and 35. The victim got his clothes back; criminal proceedings have been started.

One more accident that occurred in the city of Severodvinsk looks rather mysterious. An old car of the outdated model VAZ-2103 had been getting rusty in the yard of an apartment house in an insular area of the city since end of April till May 24. As the car was very old, it couldn't attract any hijackers. And the car is actually outdated in Russia: production of VAZ-2103 models was stopped some time ago. The owner of the old automobile was thinking over taking it to a dump as scrap metal. When the man went into the street on May 24, he was extremely surprised as there was no automobile in the place where it had been standing before. It was incredible, but the car was hijacked! Now police of Severodvinsk is investigating the hijacking with a view to find out why the people decided to have the wreck at all. It is a titanic problem to re-sell it as the car has no accumulator, it wasn't fueled; what is more, there was no engine in it. How did they manage to hijack it at all?

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