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Center of Nuclear Shipbuilding Celebrates Birthday

It is symbolical that for several years running the city's birthday is celebrated the same day with the Day of Russia's Navy
The Russian city of Severodvinsk (the Arkhangelsk Region), the center of Russia's key nuclear shipyards, celebrated its 65th birthday this year. Office of the PRAVDA.Ru correspondent is located in the city. This year the birthday of the city was celebrated the same day that the Day of Russia's Navy and the 70th anniversary of the Northern Fleet.

PRAVDA.Ru correspondent got the text of congratulations by Severodvinsk Mayor Alexander Belyayev and Municipal Council Secretary Vladimir Ivanov. The high ranking officials say that during the years of its brief history the city of Severodvinsk has been always closely connected with strengthening of the Russian fleet, which consequently means that it raised the strength of the whole of the country. Within the past decades the small settlement of Sudostroi on the White Sea shores developed into the largest shipbuilding center of Russia, into one of the Navy advance posts in Russia's north. It is symbolical that for several years running the city's birthday is celebrated the same day with the Day of Russia's Navy. Both holidays are favorites in the city as almost each family is somehow connected with construction and repairing of submarines and surface ships. But it is not the fleet that is being developed in the city; the whole of the city infrastructure is being developed now. People who contributed to the improvement of the city infrastructure and revival of the industry deserve special gratitude of the citizens. The people of the city are especially grateful to veterans who made the city the pearl of Russia's north. The city mayor and the municipal council secretary congratulated the citizens on the Day of the City; they wished health, happiness, success and optimism to all families.

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