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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Abramovich Woos Manchester United Chief Executive

Since Abramovich bought Chelsea this summer he has spent 111 million pounds on new players
The owner of London's Chelsea Roman Abramovich is now interested not only in acquisition of wonderful football players, he is also focused on well-known football experts of the world. Manchester United Chief Executive Peter Kenyon has become the first football expert whom Roman Abramovich invited for work with Chelsea.

According to BBC that reports with reference to The Evening Standard, an agreement on Peter Kenyon's move to London has been already signed. For the time being, none of the both football clubs has commented upon the details of the deal yet. The British mass media report that Kenyon's departure can be also connected with the summer events on the transfer market when Manchester United sold David Backham to Spain but failed to get Brazilian forward Ronaldinio.

Peter Kenyon has been working with Manchester United since 2000. He is said to be the man who persuaded the club manager Alex Ferguson to prolong a contract with Manchester United. Within the past time Peter Kenyon has been working on promotion of the Manchester United brand name on the US market.

Since Russian businessman Roman Abramovich bought London's football club Chelsea this summer he has spent 111 million pounds on acquisition of new players. This fact has seriously stirred up the British transfer market. Chelsea has managed to enter the Champions League and has successfully started at the English Football Championship.

Photo: Peter Kenyon