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Russian subsidiary of Ford works three shifts a day

Ford Motor Company has decided to introduce the third shift at its subsidiary plant in Russian town Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region to satisfy high demand for its vehicles.
The number of the plant employees will be increased by 410 people, and the plant will be able to produce 24,000 Ford vehicles per year.

”Due to introducing the third shift we will be able to reduce the time when the customers wait for their orders”, said President for Ford in Russia Henry Nenzen. “This strategic decision will allow the company to reach the new level of development in Russian market. We offer good choice of vehicles and vehicle insurance policies to our Russian companies, along with cheap service and possibility to purchase vehicles on credit. The crediting program for purchasing Ford Focus produced in Russia is one of the most attractive ones because of its low interest rate – 4.9 percent and the possibility for vehicle insurance on credit”.

Ford Motor Company plant in Russia was opened in July 2002, $150 million was invested in this project. The plant produces three modifications of Ford Focus: sedan, hatchback and universal. This is the first plant in Russia which is owned and operated by foreign company. The sales of the vehicles started in October 2002. After seeing the vehicles success in Russian market, Ford CEOs introduced the second shift at the plant in May 2003.

Russian motorists appreciated the advantages of Ford Focus, 15,876 of vehicles were sold in 2003.

Source: NewsProm

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