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Gazprom to deliver Russian natural gas to USA

Deliveries are scheduled to start before 2010

Gazprom seriously considers an opportunity to deliver natural gas to the USA. The Russian giant reportedly intends to build several tankers for this purpose. It goes about the deliveries of liquefied and high-pressure natural gas. Gazprom defined the US as a 'targeted market' last October. The company analyzed the situation on the American market of liquefied gas and conducted negotiations with the US government and several large energetic companies. According to the results of the research, deliveries of the Russian liquefied gas to the USA will start before 2010.

Gazprom has already received a lot of offers from several Western large companies, willing to participate in the project to produce and export liquefied and high-pressure natural gas from Russia. The Gazprom administration intends to approve the criteria of choosing partners, conduct negotiations with them and complete the technical and economic research. Gazprom will start setting up capacities for the production of liquefied natural gas in the near future. Most likely, the company will build a factory on the Shtokmansky deposit in the Barents Sea, or on the cost near the city of Murmansk. The project is estimated at $10-12 million.

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