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Chinese forge Russian merchandise

Russian customs uncovered a new type of fraudulent activity – production of fake labels “Made in Russia”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

These exact labels were found on confiscated clothes. An entire batch of these clothes was confiscated by the law enforcement officials of the East-Siberian region of Siberian customs department.

Sealed in containers, the clothes were shipped through the Russian territory from China to Finland. Customs officials noticed the amount of merchandise, which appeared to exceed the amount marked in the declaration.

“The containers contained all sorts of jackets for men and women, which judging by the labels had been made in Russia. All of the labels were in Russian. They indicated size, material, care instructions,” told a member of the Federal customs press-services in his interview to the news agency.

“Customs officials claim they have never seen anything quite like this before. It is a known fact that Russian market is flooded with forged merchandise of major world brands. However, this is the first time customs officials encountered merchandise with labels that read “Made in Russia.” All facts allow us to presume that a new type of forged merchandise has emerged. It has been probably triggered by newly imposed strict guidelines on imported goods from South-East Asia,” noted he.

According to the representative of the federal customs services, customs officials are entitled to conduct thorough investigations of all imported goods. “That is why, if we take into account the fact that the merchandise had been shipped absolutely tax-free, we can easily calculate what sort of tremendous profit was acquired by owners of the merchandise,” stated he.

A criminal case has been filed in regards to the incident. (

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