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Lucky amulet brings Putin wild success

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Lucky amulet brings Putin wild success

An amulet that promises good fortune and blessings for the family line is buried underneath the right front corner of the house which was build by the Russian president’s grandfather. Vladimir Putin is considered an extraordinarily lucky man even by his opponents.

He managed to succeed brilliantly in his career reaching for the very peak of power. But the amazing part is that during his leadership even the world’s worst disasters turn out for the good of Russia . Much as if Putin was personally responsible for bringing us good fortune.

“Happiness throws itself before his feet as if it were a rug!” tell his former schoolmates.

And it is clearly so. Let us remember the president’s biography. A boy coming out of an ordinary working family from the first attempt got accepted into the law school – the most prestigious division of Leningrad University . While he was yet a student he acquired his own car – his parents won a “Zaporozhets” while playing a lottery. Later he received position in the KGB and served happily in the well-to-do Germany . And then the sweeping sudden flight upward: Putin traveled the way from a humble position of the Leningrad city chairman’s advisor to the Russian president’s seat as if in a high-speed elevator!

“Who are you, Mr. Putin?” the foreign journalists asked him back then.

Now the whole world knows Vladimir Putin. And our international colleagues are furiously struggling to figure out the secret of our president’s success.

The answer to the mystical riddle was found in Tver’s lands, in Pominovo village, the birthplace of the president’s family.

“The Putin family clan has been living in this area for almost four centuries,” completed the calculations Elena Efremova, the head of the local archives’ department, “Many of his ancestors are buried in the Kalininskiy region. And others are still living in Pominov and Zarechniy…”

The village

Vladimir Kuvarin, a retired resident of Pominovo village, has been studying the president’s family tree in great depth because the leader of Russia is his distant relative.

“The great grandfather of my deceased wife Lidia was the blood brother of Vladimir Vladimirovich’s great grandfather,” he explains, “And my aunt Anfisa Kormilitsina was the closest friend of Putin’s mother.

“She used to tell me what Maria used to be like in her youth. A beautiful, modest, hardworking woman she was. And her husband Vladimir Spiridonovich was a trouble-maker! He wasn’t afraid of anything and was the first one to get into a fight.

“He was a lucky man. Out of our village 88 men left to fight the war and only 6 came back. Isn’t that the greatest luck?! My own father Mikhail Grigoryevich also came back in one piece. He used to tell that when in 1941 he was leaving for the frontlines he took with him a handful of homeland’s earth from under his home. Vladimir Spiridonovich, Vladimir Putin’s grandfather, did a similar thing. It is a family tradition that is passed on to us, a sort of blessing…”

…The homestead where the president’s father and grandfather used to live is still standing. The house number 12 stands under a large poplar tree. It is incredible that the hundred-year-old house has remained intact for over a century despite the natural disasters and other troubles. It even survived the Second World War.

“The penalty enforcers were going to burn our village to the ground,” recalls Vladimir Kuvarin, “But it was saved thanks to the local resident Liza Byhlova. She was very pretty and spoke good German. A fascist officer promised to spare the village in return for Liza’s gratitude. The girl left with that jerk but eventually escaped him and came back…”

The house

The house of Putins is built to endure through the ages. President’s grandfather was responsible for its tough composition.

“Spiridon Ivanovich raised up this house way before the revolution,” explains Vladimir Kuvarin as he shows around the building, “Already then the man had become an outstanding cook and was working in an expensive restaurant in St. Petersburg . So he had plenty of money for the building project. My father used to tell that following an ancient tradition Spiridon Ivanovich placed some money underneath the house’s foundation for good fortune. Underneath the front right corner, where the icons are normally place inside the house, he put a golden coin, and underneath the other three – silver ones.”

And he didn’t hold back the gold?

“Well, it’s not like he was throwing it into the garbage. He made it his home’s foundation, like a treasure. And my father had done the same. It is as secure there as in a safe! But the main thing is that such an investment brings good luck and success to the house. In our village it is believed that the more you place at the time of construction, the luckier you’ll end up being. It is a very old tradition, and no one builds without keeping it. It is kind of like a sacrifice for the family’s sake, an ancestral blessing…”

According to the biographical facts Spiridon Ivanovich clearly had the fortune smile at him. He moved out of Pominovo leaving the house to his son Vladimir. During the most difficult years of starvation he served as a cook to the Kremlin’s elite. He and his wife lived a long happy life together and died in a very advanced age.

Pages: 12

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