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Vladimir Putin: terrorists will not break the elections

According to the latest information, 42 people were killed and over 200 wounded in the train blast in Yessentuki.

Vladimir Putin was immediately informed about the train bombing in Yessentuki. At a meeting in Kremlin, where the chief persecutor and Federal Security Bureau chief were present, the President said that “The crime is an attempt to destabilize situation in the country on the eve of elections”. He added: “They wil achieve nothing, Russian citizens would not allow them”.

He also commented on the situation with threat of terrorism in general: “International terrorism challenges many countries, and remains a serious threat to our country. It is an artful and dangerous enemy. These crimes hurt innocent people foremost”.

“Federal and regional governments will do all to help the victims, and special forces with investigators should take all attempts to reveal this crime”, underlined Putin.

According to the latest information, 42 people were killed and close to 200 wounded in the train blast in Yessentuki.

In his turn, the FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev said that the crime was committed by a group of four people, three women and one man. Two women jumped off the train before the explosion, one of them was seriously insured and probably will not survive. The third was the group’s leader and could hardly survive. The man, who would unlikely be identified, was the suicide bomber. Bombs were found on his feet.

Another version is that the bomb was under the train and was activated from distance by radio.

In September this year a train of the same destination was already bombed by terrorists. Two bombs exploded at the tracks. Seven people died and about 90 were injured then.

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