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Russian elections: Results

Central Election Committee has finally released official results of Russia's Parliamentary elections, reports RIA "Novosti."
According to the information obtained by the Committee at 15:00 PM Moscow time, after processing 97,87% of the ballots, only the following four parties managed to obtain mandates to the State Duma: “United Russia” with 31,1 % of the ballots, Russian Communist party “KPRF” with 12,7%, Liberal Democratic party “LDPR” acquired 11,6 % and “Rodina” with 9,1%.
Accoring to “Interfax,” “Yabloco” received only 4,3%, “Union of the right forces”-4,05, “Russian Agrarnaya party”-3,7%, “Russian pensioners’ party and social justice” received 3,15 of the ballots. 
United Russia" - 33.28% (final official results: 37.09%)
Communist party of Russia - 12.65% (official: 12.7%)
Liberal Democrats - 11.36% (official: 11.6%)
"Homeland" - 10.75% (official: 9.1%)
"Yabloko" - 5.97% (official: 4.3%)
SPS - 5.11% (official: 3.9%)
Against all - 5.27% (official: 4.74%)
Director of the Committee, Veshnyakov stated that the results will be finalized on December 17th, 18th, 2003.  
International observing mission, which features delegates from COE and ODIHR, published the following statement in reaction to the elections in Russia: ”Election campaign was marked with wide use of administrative resources and favoritism of mass media to agitate for the biggest pro-presidential party, what lead to apathy between the voters.”

CNN reports that some International observers “have harshly criticized the pre-election process of Russia’s parliamentary elections.”

Based on materials from inform agencies