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Kadyrov puts the ministers on trial

Kadyrov puts the ministers on trial

Akhmad Kadyrov gave a three months trial time to the new Chechen government, informs RIA-News. Changes in cabinet can follow, judging by the results of the work, said president himself at the government session.
Kadyrov confessed that he left certain ministers in their places with "pain in heart", hoping that they would be able to make a change to their Ministries. Currently, almost all places in the new cabinet belong to the same people as before.
For instance, Magomet Vakhaev (Labour and Social Development Minister), Lema Dadaev (Education Minister), Shahid Akhmadov (Health Minister), Abdula Magomedov (Economic Development and Trade Minister), Taus Dzhabrailov (Nationalities and Press Minister), Movla Usmaev (Culture Minister), Abu Sugaitov (Construction and Architecture Minister).
"In three months we analyze the quarter results, and then cabinet changes will be possible", promised the president. According to earlier information, Kadyrov was going to ask the cabinet to report him in the beginning of 2004.

The Chechen government information bureau announced that towards the president elections, the Chechen government was resigned, and the new cabinet 90% formed now.

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