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Russians consider censorship in mass media a must!

Overwhelming majority of Russians consider censorship in mass media a must

Majority of Russians (76%) consider censorship to be an integral counterpart of mass media. This data has been reported by ROMIR Monitoring Company on Tuesday. The company's sociologists conducted a special survey dedicated especially to the Day of the Russian Media (January 13th). 

19% of the respondents do not support censorship. 5% are uncertain of their answers.

According to the survey, those living in Ural and Siberian Federal regions indicated the most need in censorship. People from Southern districts in contrast, demonstrated a rather calm attitude towards censorship.

Residents of big cities cling to a rather conservative stand point regarding censorship in mass media, report sociologists.

A thorough analysis of the socio-demographic data indicates that women are more interested in censorship than the opposite sex.

A number of media censorship supporters increases in a strict proportion with peoples' age groups. The older the person, the more important censorship is for him/her.

Sociologists posed a question, “What social organizations do you trust the most?” Majority of respondents (50%) answered in support of President Putin. 14% of Russians expressed their trust in Church. 9%  were evenly distributed among the government, army and mass media. Russian law enforcement organizations acquired 5% of votes and State Duma received 4%. 28% of respondents, as it turned out, do not believe anyone.

According to the survey, Russians regard Central TV to be the most trustworthy (39%), reports Interfax. Central press appears popular only among 8% of Russians with high income and higher education. Internet as a specific kind of a mass media resource appeals to 2% of people (mainly between the ages 18-24).

Overall, 13% of Russians tend to trust all mass media sources. 20% however proposed their distrust for all of the media sources. 1500 people participated in the survey.  

Source: NewsRu

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