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7 supporters of radical National-Bolshevik party accused of hooliganism

They broke in the Health Ministry building and tore down the portrait of Russian President on August 2, 2004. Then they chained themselves with handcuffs in one of the Health Ministry offices. In this way the members of the national-Bolshevik Party protested about replacing subsidies for pensioners by money compensations.

Criminal proceedings started against the 7 young men, reported Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor. They have been arrested and accused of hooliganism and damaging property.
Тhe leader of the National-Bolshevik Party, writer Eduard Limonov said in an Echo of Moscow that the Office of Public Prosecutor was in such a haste to prosecute the party members that the party hardly had time to hire lawyers for the defendants. Russian Criminal Code has punishment up to 7 years оf imprisonment for hooliganism, and up to 5 years – for damaging property.

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