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Forum of Higher School Graduates Opens in Russia

Authority of the Russian Higher School still great
Representatives of 132 states gathered in the Columnar Hall in Moscow. Among 700 representatives at the forum, one is a president, there are 7 ministers, 30 deputies of local parliaments, 2 astronauts and directors of large enterprises.

In the words of Vladimir Filippov, one of the forum organizers, the forum was summoned to sum up results of more than 50 years of work of the Soviet and Russian Higher School. The forum is meant to form the common educational community of the world. "The great number of representatives from different countries who came to the forum proves not only recognition of the high authority of the Soviet and Russian Higher School. This is also our obligation to history and our common future."

Training of foreign specialists is sometimes called a gentle form of colonization. Indeed, people can hardly forget the second motherland, the country where they spent the best years and got education. Thus, training of foreign specialists has two aspects, economic and political. First of all, foreign students bring currency to Russia which also helps Russian higher educational institutions develop. Second, due to foreign students Russia expands its authority all over the world.
After the breakup of the USSR, the number of foreign students received  in Russia is gradually decreasing. The USA and Great Britain are the leaders regarding the number of foreign students studying there. It is sad but lack of governmental support may soon force Russia out of the educational market. However, the Russian president thinks the country has its potential in the sphere and must develop it.

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