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Pochinok extends weekends for Russians

This year Russians will have a chance to enjoy seven series of “extended” weekends due to the fact that several holidays happen to fall on Saturday and Sunday.

This has been declared by Russian Minister for Labour and Social Development Alexander Pochinok in his interview to “interfax” Monday.

“2004 calendar turned out to be such that it does not require any government's interference regarding transfer of holidays. Working days automatically become weekends in case they are preceded by holidays,” stated Pochinok.

The Minister has also noted that because of the fact Fatherland Defender Day (February 23rd) will be on Monday, Russian will enjoy a three-day weekend, from February 21 till February 23 inclusive.

“Analogues situation concerns the upcoming International Women’s Day. It is also going to be on Monday. Therefore, official weekend will last three days: March 6th, 7th and 8th,” remarked Pochinok.

Weekends in May will also be “extended”: May 1st is Saturday, May 9th (Victory Day) is Sunday. Therefore, May 1 till 4 and May 8 till 10 inclusive will be official weekends.

“Similar series of three-day weekends also await Russians in June (12-14 Independence Day), November 6-8 (day of Reconciliation and Consent), December 11-13 (Day of Constitution). The Minister added that 2005 will also begin with “mini-holidays”, which will last from January 1 till January 4 inclusive.

Source: Interfax