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Vladimir Putin: Russia is ready for “Star Wars”


February 18 President Putin made a statement that Russia can obtain its own Missile Defense System.
”For many years we have been elaborating Missile Defense System. At one point we can move to practical work on constructing the new systems (of Missile Defense)”.

The President made this statement at his press-conference at Plesetsk Space Center.
According to Vladimir Putin, this work is based on the principles of best military efficiency and minimum cost. 
”We will monitor how similar work will be conducted in other countries, and will not stop our work. We believe it is not time yet to invest here (constructing MD system) big money, and we have no such amount of money yet”, RIA-Novosti quoted President Putin.
The President made a promise to supply the weapons having no analogies in the world to the Strategic Missile Force. According to Vladimir Putin, the new missiles will be the most powerful in terms of reach, precision, velocity and maneuverability.

The Head of State estimated the finished exercise for military command and Staff as success. In the course of the exercise, ballistic missiles were launched from Baikonur and Plesetsk Space Centers and Karelia atomic submarine in the Barents Sea, reports.

”Russian Army is modernizing not for aggression, but for defense of our citizens and national interests”, said the President.
Vladimir Putin said that developing new weapons is not directed against other countries, including the USA. “We will do everything possible so that the former enemies will become partners and the partners will become allies”, said Russian President. Nevertheless, Vladimir Putin confirmed that Russia is in the position to modernize it military according to its national interests.
”I am glad to inform you that we have become sure: soon brand-new equipment will be supplied to the Strategic Missile Force”, Interfax quotes President Putin.

Source: Information agencies


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