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Election Battle Starts in Moscow

Vladimir Zhirinovsky's companion is running for Moscow mayor

Former builder of financial pyramids, entrepreneur German Sterligov (currently owns a coffin-producing company) was the first man, who announced his wish to become the chairman of the Moscow government. Dmitry Berdnikov, a native of Kazan (Tatarstan), the leader of the public movement Against Lawlessness and Criminality has suddenly appeared out of nowhere too. Elena Gousseva, an adviser from the municipal assembly of one of Moscow's districts is willing to run too.

Aleksey Mitrofanov, associate of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is paying attention to the Moscow mayor election too. "On September 22nd  2003, deputy Aleksey Mitrofanov is to submit documents to be registered as a candidate to run for Moscow mayor post,"  RIA Novosti reported. Aleksey Mitrofanov has already tried to run for the presidency of Bashkiria, but his fellow party members decided on another candidate  earlier this month. They nominated FBS Colonel Alexander Novikov instead, running on the LDPR ticket. Later the party offered Mitrofanov to run against Luzhkov in Moscow. 

"Yury Luzhkov has established a feudal regime in a democratic city with the help of 2,000 vassals that have been given power. Mayor Luzhkov appoints district chiefs himself, although people elect them nationwide in Russia, even in poorest provinces. This is outrageous in our democratic time. There are feudal laws in Moscow: a grand duke appoints local chiefs and even Moscow City Duma deputies," Aleksey Mitrofanov said in an interview.

If Mitrofanov is elected Moscow mayor, he will freeze all cost of living payments and rent. This rule will not embrace the owners of elite buildings and apartments, because they can pay even more than they do now. Mitrofanov is determined to put an end to plundering in Moscow public utilities.

The LDPR deputy also plans to take an inventory of all construction sites in the city. Mitrofanov said, the sites had been monopolized by certain organizations, who hamper construction works in order to maintain high real estate prices. One square meter in the center of Moscow costs about $15,000. Such prices do not exist even in New York. The basic cost of living in Moscow is $300-400. Overvalued prices are created for several Moscow vassals and for the mayor personally. Aleksey Mitrofanov intends to do something about Caucasian people in Moscow too: he believes they are acting like masters although they are simply guests in the city.

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