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Putin leads Russia's Top Ten

January's list of Russia's most popular politicians is once again led by Russian President Vladimir Putin, indicates one of the analytical services under Yuri Levada's direction.

Sociological services report that 53% of the respondents pointed out to the current President Vladimir Putin as the country's most trustworthy person. The preliminary survey of 1600 Russians has been conducted by a team of researchers under Levada's guidance on January 9-13, 2004. Human error consitutes 3,4%.

Head of Russia’s Emergency Ministry Sergey Shoigu occupies the second place in the popularity contest among the country's political leaders. 22% of the participants are inclined to trust him. The third place is proudly occupied by LDPR’s leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky with 17%. Moscow’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov is on the fourth place with 11% of votes. One of the leaders of “Yabloko” Sergey Glazyev is on the fifth place also with 11% of votes.

Russian political Top Ten chart includes such people as Duma's speaker, former chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Boris Grizlov (10%), Governor of Kemerov region Aman Tuleev (8%), KPRF's leader Gennady Zyuganov (7%), head of the Russian government Mikhail Kasyanov (7%), Governor of St. Petersburg valentina Matveenko (7%). 18 of all the participants do not trust any political leader at all. Interestingly, but for the first time in a year “Yabloko”'s leader Grigory Yavlinsky did not make a chart of Top Ten Russian politicians.

Based on the acquired results of the survey, Putin's activity throughout the month of January has been approved by 81% of Russians. 16% did not approve of the President's politics. Kasyanov's job was approved by 40% of all respondents. 47% however considered his job not worthy of approval. In general, 40% of all the respondents considered the job of the Russian government in January as satisfactory. 50% however think of it as ineffective, reports “Interfax”.


Source: “Interfax”

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