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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Murder of opposition politician in Georgia; USA increases rhetoric against Moscow

As a reply to the situation in Georgia, Richard Lugar, Republican Senator and Vice President of the Senate International Relations Committee of the of the US A, suggested a diplomatic counter-offensive against Russia. However, one opposition politician was assassinated today only because he was making propaganda against the government. This is the Georgia of Saakashvili , best friend of the United States of America and NATO.

Lugar declared today in Washington that “the United States has to place itself at the front of an energetic diplomatic international counter-offensive against the efforts of Russia for destabilising Georgia and the entire region.”. He said that a peaceful outcome of the situation requires “leadership” on the part of Washington “and cooperation on the part of the other members of NATO.”

He remembered that Georgia is an “important friend” of the USA and that “most of the young leaders of this country were trained in the USA,” mentioning also the Georgian military contingents in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He continued the declaration with an increasingly hostile tone to Russia: condemning “the provocative and dangerous declarations of the government of the Russian Federation that attacks the territorial integrity of the Republic of Georgia.".

It is now not surprising that Washington has people in positions of prominence in its government which make this type of speech, we only have to read the book of American diplomatic history over the last 8 years to understand we should not pay much attention anymore to what they say. Idiocy is an accident of nature .

However, it is not acceptable that slanderous statements are made in public against Russia, much less that someone in this position could show such a deep ignorance about the reality in the region. The one who violated numerous agreements was Georgia, where today an opposition activist against President Saakashvili was assassinated. Where are Senator Lugar’s comments on that?

Political murder in Georgia

During the parliamentary elections in Georgia, an activist of the alliance Unified Opposition was murdered when he was going to the Electoral College. David Gamkrelidze, one of the leaders of this formation, declared today to the Press in Tbilisi that "He was killed because he did propaganda in favor of the opposition…the government is responsible for the occurrence.". He added that "there are infractions in the whole of Georgian territory. The police do nothing to guarantee order in the colleges"

Timofei BYELO