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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Condoleezza Rice thinks only USA can bring better future to Russia

Condoleezza Rice is well-known for her anti-Russian statements. Experts say that Mrs. Rice’s remarks about Russia perfectly reflect the true stance of the US administration about Russia. Rice has recently acknowledged, for example, that Russia had advanced greatly since the Cold War era. However, she added, Russia still remains mysterious for many Western politicians.

The US Secretary of State believes that she knows how Russia should coordinate its home and foreign policies. First and foremost, Russia urges the Russian administration to run democratic reforms in the country.

"We want Russia to be strong, strong in 21st-century terms, not just with a strong independent center, but with strong independent institutions, an independent judiciary and legislature and independent civil society with a free media and vibrant non-governmental sector," Rice said. "Democratic institutions and a free society are not a source of weakness, they are a source of strength in a dynamic and modern world,” she added.

Secondly, Condoleezza Rice thinks Russia should not use its energy power as a foreign policy tool. "We respect Russia's interests, but no interest is served if Russia uses its great wealth, its oil and gas wealth, as a political weapon or that treats its independent neighbors as part of some old sphere of influence," said she.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Rice rejected the start of another Cold War between Russia and the West. “ Today ’ s Russia is not the Soviet Union. I visited the Soviet Union . I studied in the Soviet Union. The Cold War commotion that we can hear today can only overshadow the real state of affairs,” she said. “The relations between the United States and Russia will remain broad and complicated – a combination of cooperation and competition, friendship and friction. It has always been like that, but previously we achieved great things together and we can do it together. I am certain that patience and hard work, dialogue and understanding will make our future even brighter,” Rice stated.

Condoleezza Rice released such statements at an open conference in the US Department of State. The conference was devoted to the history of US-Soviet relations from 1969 till 1976. That was a time of political improvement after the Caribbean crisis, which pushed the world to the edge of destruction.

Condoleezza Rice did not release any sensational statement in her speech. Her remarks represent Washington’s basic claims to Moscow. Officials of the US administration touch upon the subject of Russia’s so-called energy blackmail every time when former Soviet republics experience problems with natural gas giant Gazprom. In this connection US officials believe that the United States needs to propagandize democracy in the world, including Russia, for the benefit of the American nation and the international community, which seems to be more than just doubtful for Russia.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov