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The biggest pogrom in the entire history of the Ukrainian football

Ukrainian television channels broadcast the shocking footage  depicting police special security forces beating up football fans of the Kiev Dynamo squad. Those fans were presumably boys of 14-15 years of age.

The Saturday match between football teams  Polesye (Zhitomyr) and Dynamo (Kiev) ended up with Dynamo’s victory and a grand pogrom. News programs have already said that the pogrom was the biggest fight in the entire history of the Ukrainian football. As officials said, soccer fans were very aggressive. They were throwing bottles and breaking benches during the game. Police decided to take all Dynamo fans out from the soccer stadium in order to avoid the consequences that could have happened later outside.

Police officers shoved fans back to one of the entrances and kept them all there for 20 minutes, waiting for the reinforcement. One of Kiev fans said that there were hundreds of people on a very small area that could actually take about 40 men. A guy said that there was a threat of suffocation in such a packed crowd. Fans and police officers started fighting, but when a special police unit arrived,  Dynamo’s fans did not have any shots to win the fight. Television cameras were filming the scenes of brutal beating with batons.  One could see that some of the fans were unconscious. 

The pogrom continued for about ten minutes. Teenagers did not have an idea of where to run and what to do. Those, who managed to escape, where caught and beaten right in front of TV cameras. Several Kiev journalists asked police officers not to treat the fans so cruelly. One of the police said: “Those pigs should be shot!” Anyway, as it was reported later, there were only two guys that asked for medical help.  Both of them were slightly injured.

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