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Russian Justice Ministry Cancels Eduard Limonov Party's Registration

National Bolshevik Party member are going on hunger strike

In the beginning of September, the Central Electorate Committee of the Russian Federation is to receive the list of parties, which will take part in the elections. "The Central Electoral Committee will receive the lists of parties that have no problems with the Justice Ministry," the ministry's head Yury Chaika stated. The minister said, the parties, which had no registration problems, no problems connected with their regional departments, would be allowed to run.

Answering journalists' questions, Chaika did not specify any parties, against which the ministry was going to institute legal proceedings to cancel their registration. Earlier, Yury Chaika said, there were three such parties. "The work continues," concluded the minister, having pointed out that the list of those parties would be handed over to the Central Electoral Committee too.

It became known today, the Justice Ministry refused to register Eduard Limonov's National Bolshevik Party. Alexander Kudravtsev, spokesman for the Justice Ministry, told reporters on Friday, the adequate official notification had already been sent to the party's leadership. "That decision was made after the Justice Ministry had studied documents of the National Bolshevik Party." The official added, "the refusal was solely based on legal factors, there were no political aspects involved at all."

The press service of Limonov's party distributed a statement, in which it was said, the National Bolshevik Party perceived the ministry's decision as an act of political violence not to let the party access its electorate. NBP's members will go on hunger strike in all regions of Russia, where the party has its departments. In May, the Justice Ministry struck Stanislav Terekhov's National Sovereign Party out of the state list as well: the party was late to register the necessary number of regional departments (40 of them were registered, although the law stipulates 45 registrations). Who is next on the line?

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