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Science is being corrupted to a point of fraud

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By Gary Novak

Science is being corrupted to a point of fraud. 49995.jpeg

Irrationality in science is every bit as extreme as we see in media events, perhaps more so because of the increased demands in science. Very little science is visible to the public. The carbon dioxide issue is an example of science which has come to the surface of public concerns, and it shows a lack of objectivity which can only be called religion and a lack of standards to a point of outright fraud.

Corruption begets corruption, which means the state of science is deteriorating to where it is reversing every element of knowledge which is vulnerable. The simplest example may be the asteroid belt. For centuries, scientists have known that the asteroid belt was created by a planet exploding between Mars and Jupiter. Now scientists say it was not a planet exploding but the gravity of Jupiter which created the asteroid belt. Obviously, gravity cannot create broken chunks of rock. The explanation appears to address the wrong question, like why do the rocks orbit the sun instead of where did they come from. The rocks were scattered all over the solar system but swept away in all planetary orbits. Pluto is now said to be an asteroid, as it is too small to be a planet. Numerous other asteroids are near Pluto's orbit.

A highly concealed but provable and significant error is the misdefinition of kinetic energy in physics. Physicists define kinetic energy as mass times velocity squared. Since nothing moves as velocity squared, the definition cannot properly represent real energy. Simple mathematical proof shows that kinetic energy is transformed in proportion to mass times velocity nonsquared.(1) The proof is based on the origins of the error in 1686, where Gottfried Leibniz stated that a 4 kilogram object dropped 1 meter will do the same thing as a 1 kilogram object dropped 4 meters. This proportionality conserves mass times velocity squared but not mass times velocity nonsquared. By using a rocket to replace gravity, it can be shown that the rocket uses twice as much fuel to accelerate the large mass to its final velocity compared to the small mass.

To correct the definition of energy, one could say that a 4 kilogram object dropped for 1 second will do the same thing as a 1 kilogram object dropped for 4 seconds. This proportionality conserves mass times velocity nonsquared, but not mass times velocity squared. When using a rocket to create these velocities, the same amount of energy is used in both cases. The math is unquestionable, but of course, physicists will hear none of it.

I'm an independent mushroom scientists. Being independent, I'm not allowed to publish my results. We saw how the publishing process is controlled in climate science through leaked emails from Hadley Climate Research Unit in UK, where the peer review process is used to prevent opponents from publishing, and editors are thrown out if they publish material from opponents.(2)

These standards testify to the illegitimacy of the results. Valid results are not imposed. Climate science is so complex that there is very little measurement of evidence or real science involved. One of the few relevant measurements is the average global temperature measured through time. Recorded temperatures show no significant increase over the past century. Frauds used numerous methods of showing an increase including the lowering of earlier measurements and increasing more recent measurements. They will not tell other scientists how or why the alterations were made. They also use statistical bias by discarding stations which would show colder temperatures. A study of these fabrications was made by Joe D'Aleo and Anthony Watts in 2010 and published on the Science and Public Policy web site.(3) They said, "The startling conclusion that we cannot tell whether there was any significant "global warming" at all in the 20th century is based on numerous astonishing examples of manipulation and exaggeration of the true level and rate of "global warming".

Every element of the complex subject of global warming has junk science behind it serving as the prevailing influence. I explain the background science of these subjects on my web site at An example is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. It states how much radiant heat is given off per square meter of a surface at any temperature. The constant is applied to the atmosphere, which doesn't have a surface. The constant says that the 235 watts per square meter of energy which must be leaving the earth is radiated from a square meter of surface at a temperature of -19C. Frauds in climatology then say that there is a zone about 5 kilometers up in the atmosphere at that temperature, and the radiation which cools the planet leaves from that zone. Isn't there a difference between a zone and a surface? How thick should the zone be? What keeps radiation from leaving at -18C, which is found just below the fake zone? No one seems to be trying to kid anyone about the fakery of the science. The arrogance of it is stunning. It's a measure of how corrupt science has become.

Pages: 123

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