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Stones are living creatures that breathe and move

Stones are living creatures that breathe and move

The stones are said to be able to breathe, move, and exert influence on a person’s health and fate.

French geologists Arnold Rheshar and Pierre Escollet have long studied rock specimens collected in different parts of the world. They arrived at quite an amazing conclusion in the end. They believed that stones have some kind of a vital activity though a very slow one. The geologists maintain the structure of stones is subject to changes, and stones can grow old. Moreover, the French claim stones can breathe, to a certain extent. Taking one “breath” takes them from three days to two weeks. And each of their “heartbeats” lasts about three days. The scientists say they gathered photographic evidence clearly indicating that stones could move. The pictures of stones were taken at large intervals. One of the stones is reported to have moved for 2.5 centimeters in two weeks’ time. The geologists stubbornly maintain that stones are living organisms though some physical processes relating to earth shove or water impact seem to be the most likely reasons behind the phenomenon.

“We can assume that any object in our world in alive,” says Marianna Anisosyan, a therapist and expert in biological energy. “Any event is driven by energy, which stones undoubtedly possess too. Every stone carries a certain amount of life in it,” adds she.

Pink quartz – promotes health and wards off evil spirits

Amethyst – guards against intoxication, gives calmness in danger, and encourages trust

Cat’s eye – protects the wearer against terrors of the night, and is believed to attract wealth

Lazurite – is a stone of special energy that gives power to the wearer. Lazurite is associated with holiness. It is used for making figurines of Buddha and other deities.

Diamond – its purity and clarity makes it a symbol of truth, love, and commitment

Cornelian – is believed to ward off ill-health and evil

Malachite – protects against impending danger and ill-health, it is particularly useful as a talisman for children

Topaz – calms anger and encourages restful sleep

Moonstone – the moonstone can help romantic relationships and decision-making

Tiger’s eye – protects against the pangs of jealousy

Some stones are used for different purposes. For example, quartz whose varieties include rock crystal, amethyst, rauchtopaz and citrine is especially valuable for fortune-telling. The seers can predict the future by reading it on the highly polished crystal balls.

Paracelsus, the famous Swedish physician and alchemist of Renaissance period, paid homage to the “magic” crystal balls too. He wrote a treatise titled How to enchant the crystals so that everything can be seen in them.

Gemstones worn as talismans are believed to attract fortune to those who were born in the following months:

January: garnet
February: amethyst
March: jasper
April: sapphire
May: agate
June: emerald
July: onyx
August: cornelian
September: olivine
October: aquamarine
November: topaz
December: ruby

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