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Criminal standards of science including global warming fraud

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By Gary Novak

Criminal standards of science including global warming fraud. 51871.jpeg

Physics corruption was largely abstract and academic, until it spread into the global warming issue, which is now resulting in energy systems being destroyed and economies being bankrupt based on scientific fraud. Climatologists do not have the concepts or procedures which would give them the slightest ability to theorize or measure what carbon dioxide did in the atmosphere before or after humans influenced the result. 

There are no mechanisms in science for correcting the problem of fraud. The fraud stems from total unaccountability to anyone outside science. Scientists who criticize are denied grants and the ability to publish ( 

Four centuries of unaccountability has turned physics into a culture of criminality. There has not been an iota of physics published since Newton's time which has not been totally in error, usually with the intent to be in error due to incompetent persons forcing their way into science to monger power and attacking the rationality which they cannot handle. The biological science were correctable, which allowed truth to prevail, until recently, as power mongers have taken over all of science and are shoving out real scientists. 

In 1686, an erroneous definition of energy was formulated by Gottfried Leibniz through misrepresentation. I show mathematical proof of the error on my web site. In 1845, James Joule supposedly substantiated the Leibniz definition of energy by stirring water in a wooden bucket to determine the amount of heat produced. Joule did not have the slightest ability to conduct such a measurement, as I explain on my web site. Supposedly, later experiments show Joule to be only off by four parts per thousand; but since there is no such number, it shows that physicists are contriving it to this day. There is no explanation available to the public for the methodology used to measure the number (the mechanical equivalent of heat, or Joule's constant), and all imaginable procedures would have a very large error, like 10-50%, while the given number is 4.1868 Newton-meters per calorie, implying 0.0024% imprecision. 

Errors such as Planck's constant appear to be misinterpretations of the influence of light upon matter, except there are admitted contradictions in claiming light contains energy packets called photons. Packets (photons) must have length, width and height, while energy cannot. 

Frauds in physics abandon any pretense of rationality with relativity, where the starting point serves no purpose but to muddle the subject, while monumental results are synthesized out of nothing. The claimed E=mc² is nothing but a vague parallel to the misdefinition of kinetic energy with no relationship to anything in relativity. Since I show the definition of energy to be incorrect due to a squaring of velocity, a real parallel should not have the velocity of light squared; so it would be E=mc. When physicists apply Einstein's equation to determine the amount of energy in fusion reactions, they get a huge quantity due to the squaring of the velocity of light. When they conducted an experiment using lasers, they got no significant energy from the result, as would be expected with the incorrect definition of energy and the non-squaring of light. It means assumptions about the amount of energy in fusion reactions are misdirected by the misdefinition of energy being paralleled in supposed relativity. 

With such standards of fraud being engrained in physics, the concept of greenhouse gases creating global warming was a total contrivance with no relationship to valid science. The entire subject is based on modeling climate with infinite complexities being mentioned without specific descriptions of procedures used for evaluation or why the points are relevant. The absurdities show the intent of muddling the subject with irrelevancies and contriving the result out of the muddle. 

Global warming science was divided into two parts-a primary effect by carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gases) absorbing energy and infinite secondary effects referred to as feedback which enhance the primary effect. The sometimes-stated analysis is that the primary effect was that humans increased the global average temperature by 0.2°C, while feedback increased it by a factor of three to 0.6°C. But a consistent logic does not exist. A determination of the primary effect cannot be located with a consistent or credible logic. Sometimes, such as Hansen et al, 1984 and 1988, "empirical observation" is said to be the source of the primary effect, which means a supposed temperature increase of 0.6° since the industrial revolution combined with 100 parts per million carbon dioxide increase sets the pattern for the future. But empirical observation includes secondary (feedback) effects, while it is used to define the primary effect. 

No real scientists would assume that all temperature increase of the recent past was due to greenhouse gases without some method of verification. Instead of verification, a fake hockey stick graph was constructed to indicate a totally flat temperature leading up to the industrial revolution and then an upward bend. The upward bend was used to convince the unwary that humans are destroying the planet. Over recent years, the hockey stick

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