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Israeli medium says he can cure Ariel Sharon

Well-known Israeli medium Uri Geller said in an interview to a local radio station that he had some hypotheses as concerning the state of health of Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

January 4, 2006 Ariel Sharon fell into coma after a stroke and has never come to consciousness since that time. Uri Geller states that he can help the former Israeli leader recover from coma.

Ariel Sharon’s relatives would not meet the medium in spite of the fact that the latter officially offered his services to the family.

Uri Geller won his great popularity after a series of TV appearances when the medium demonstrated his abnormal abilities, telekinesis, though reading and search of hidden items among them. Uri Geller bent metal spoons and made clock hands stop or speed up just with the power of his thought.

Some time ago the American police engaged Uri Geller into the searches of the notorious maniac nicknamed the ‘Son of Sam’. Geller is also known for his statements concerning catch of Saddam Hussein and sexual orientation of Michael Jackson about which he learnt when hypnotized the singer. Being plunged into a trance, Jackson rejected vigorously all accusations of pedophile. But that took place before Michael Jackson was blamed for an alleged corruption of a cancer diseased boy.

Source: ufolog

Translated by Maria Gouseva

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