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Two million-dollar reward offered for Loch Ness monster (video)

Two million-dollar reward offered for Loch Ness monster (video)

A British bookmaker offered a one million pound ($2 million) reward on Monday to anyone who can prove that Scotland's legendary Loch Ness monster does actually exist.

Bookmakers William Hill are supplying up to 50,000 instant cameras to fans attending a Loch Ness pop festival next weekend.

Click here to watch Loch Ness monster video.

"We are hoping the one million pound bounty will help to solve one of the great enigmas of modern times," William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said.

The winner will have to offer proof that satisfies experts at London's Natural History Museum.

The bookmakers are confident the bounty will not be claimed at the Rock Ness music festival on June 9 and 10 -- they are offering odds of 250-1 about it happening in 2007, Reuters reports.

"This is a great opportunity with such huge crowds on the shores of Loch Ness and it will be fantastic if someone can get a picture with one of the thousands of Nessie-Snappers cameras we are handing out, that can rival the 'Surgeon's photograph', which is still the most recognised despite being taken over 50 years ago."

The bookmakers are also offering a number of consolation prizes including £1,000 and a free £250 bet for the best photographic evidence real or staged, reports.

Source: agencies

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