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UFO detected hovering above Area 51 army base in Nevada


Rumor has it that Area 51 is a secret American army base that was built to test state-of-the-art aircraft. The photographs made from space reveal numerous runways and hangars.

Ufologists suppose that humans cooperate with aliens at Area 51, or at least try to study the machines captured from extraterrestrials. The fragments of a “flying saucer” that crashed in the USA in 1947 were reportedly delivered to the base.

The residents of neighboring towns support the anomalous mystery. They even designed road signs to warn people against a possible arrival of alien spaceships. Crowds of tourists visit the towns to see something extraordinary. Many see.

The official version says that there is nothing unusual in the Nevada desert, except for an ordinary air base.

Researcher Joseph P. Skipper, known for his studies of anomalous phenomena, has recently found something to prove the anomalous version. Skipper analyzed a photograph of Earth’s surface taken from space. The picture, which captures the territory to the south of Area 51, appeared on Google Earth website.

On the photo, the researcher noticed an oblong disk, about 50 meters in diameter. By Skipper’s opinion, this disk floats several meters above the ground. The scientist said that it was definitely a man-made aircraft made with the use of advanced technologies, since it was supposed to be highly maneuverable to be able to fly at low altitudes. The photo, Skipper believes, confirms that there is something strange happening at the mysterious base.

The photo of the UFO floating above Area 51 was made in April of 2006. Strange as it may seem, but the renowned photo of a flying car was made the same year in the Australian city of Perth. The photo also appeared on Google Earth. The shadow, which the car cast on the ground, made many think that the vehicle was flying about five or six meters above the ground.

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