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Russian X-ray girl Natasha Demkina still uses her gift to help common people

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Russian X-ray girl Natasha Demkina still uses her gift to help common people

Natasha Demkina (born in 1987, in the city of Saransk) is hailed in Russia as "the girl with X-ray eyes". The girl claims to have the gift of second sight, which enables her to see internal organs of the human body. She describes her phenomenal abilities it as follows:

“I have two sights. I can switch any minute without reason, should I want to see the state of health of a person,” Natasha said. “This switching makes no difficulty to me; I just need to think about it. I can see the full structure of a human body – how internal organs are positioned and how they function. It’s hard to explain how I identify diseases. Afflicted organs produce a kind of radiation. The second sight is active only in the daytime; it does not work at night.”

At the same time Natasha is unable to see her own internal organs.

According to the media, Demkina’s diagnoses are sometimes more accurate than those made by doctors with the help of up-to-date medical equipment. However, she did not manage to confirm her abilities during the experiment organized by Discovery Channel on May 1, 2004. She found herself under unfavourable conditions which had been created deliberately during the experiment, Natasha said.

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According to Natasha and her parents, she discovered her unusual abilities at the age of ten. At first Natasha scanned her acquaintances and relatives. This phenomenon was widely covered by television in the winter of 2003-2004. At that time Natasha was about to finish school. In January of 2004 Natasha with her mother were invited to London by the English press and she demonstrated her abilities live on the British television. She also participated in an experiment organized by The Sun. The girl demonstrated her extraordinary powers on The Sun reporter Briony Warden, who had suffered multiple injuries in a car accident. The girl contrived to describe all the fractures of the woman.

In March of 2004 the Discovery Channel got interested in Demkina’s phenomenon. This time the test was prepared by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) and the Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health (CSMMH) which took interest in the girl. The program of experiments was made by the following scientists: Doctor Ray Hyman, the authoritative professor of the University of Oregon, and Doctor Richard Wiseman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, as well as Andrew Skolnick who has worked as a reporter and editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association for over ten years.

The experiment was as follows: Natasha had to scan seven volunteers. Six of them had abnormalities shown by X-rays, and one person was healthy. She had to indicate the number of participant with abnormalities on special cards with description of abnormalities in Russian and English. If she had guessed five cases out of seven, the commission would have acknowledged that her phenomenon was worthwhile further study. The terms of the experiment had been coordinated with Natasha and her mother beforehand. They completely agreed with them. Volunteers had the following peculiarities: remote vermiform appendix, ablated gullet bottom, metal surgical staples on the chest after a heart operation, artificial joint of the thigh, ablated upper lobe of left lung and a metal plate to cover the skull defect.

Within the experiment the girl gave four correct answers, although her mother had stated that her daughter was never wrong. Thus, the result was acknowledged as unsatisfactory. Besides, it took her four hours to establish the diagnoses, though she had said it would take her several minutes.

The test had six rounds. Before every test they explained to Natasha in detail (using English and Russian texts and illustrations) what defect she was to discover. Her most terrible mistake was her inability to find the metal plate in the skull of one participant. There were also several violations of the protocol of the tests. For instance, Natasha arrived earlier than agreed and saw two volunteers going up a long flight of stairs on their way to the building where the experiment was to take place. In the test room there was Natasha’s mother, which also breached the original protocol. Natasha’s friend who acted as an interpreter during the tests was constantly receiving and sending text messages.

The experiment organizers associated Natasha’s correct answers with patients whose appearances clearly revealed the state of their health. For instance, the volunteer without defects was the youngest and the most healthy-looking person in the group. The man who had undergone a heart operation was the oldest one. In addition, Natasha chose the only man in a baseball cap as the one who had undergone a skull operation. Despite the above-mentioned violations, the commission conducted the test and took into consideration that it was not aimed to expose Natasha’s abilities. The results were to show whether her abilities deserve further studying.

Natasha Demkina disagreed with conclusions of the committee. She said she had no experience in scanning several patients at a time. She also mentioned the hostile atmosphere during theexperiment.

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