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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russian scientists design mechanical nurse

A group of scientists from the Moscow State University is currently developing a new medical appliance that will be capable of taking blood samples and making injections instead of nurses, RIA Novosti reports.

Viktor Sadovnichi, the head of the University, said that the automatic syringe could make injections, take blood samples for analyses and deliver the results of the analyses without the assistance of a nurse. There are no such appliances in the world yet,” the scientist said.

Sadovnichi is certain that it will be possible to get rid of many problems with the help of the new invention. Patients will not have to go to the hospital if they use the automatic syringe. The syringe takes blood samples painlessly, performs all of its operations under sterile conditions and conducts all analyses with precision.

The device will be ready in 2009. The syringe will be launched into serial production at an enterprise in the city of Tula.

In addition to the mechanical nurse, the MSU scientists are working on a project of a mechanical surgeon. The new high-tech medical device is designed to replace surgeon’s hands.

“Surgeon’s fingers can not reach out to everything. We had a goal to make a mechanical tactile device that takes a photograph of an affected organ and then does all the work on it with the help of a computer screen,” the head of the university said.

The new tactical device has been licensed and is expected to become available soon.