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Females have more comlex brain structure


Researcher Eilin Ludes from the Frankfurt University studied brain pictures of 30 people of both sexes and arrived at a conclusion that female brain structure implies better thinking abilities and connection between neurons.

According to the researcher, female brain contains 20 per cent more grey matter as compared with that of male's, its neurons are closer to each other. Eilin Ludes explains the phenomenon with the fact that female brain is confined within a smaller cranium than men's, that is why the structure of female brain is more complicated thanks to better internal development.

Russian scientists are rather skeptical about the statement. Lecturer from the Vinnitsa Medicine University Sergey Grishchenko says a group of 30 people is not enough for such an experiment. It requires examination of hundreds or thousands of patients to arrive to any important conclusion. What is more he adds, there is no notion of “complicated brain convolutions”. Male and female brains do not differ on the surface, as well as other organs with the exception of genitals.
The Russian lecturer insists neither amount nor shape of brain convolutions determine man's intellectual faculties. They do depend upon inter-neuron connections that form during a man's life. Doctor of medical science Professor Pavel Shaparenko says female brain is a bit bigger proportionally than that of a man.

Average weight of male brain is 1.375g and of female brain – 1.275g. By the way, a man with the biggest brain ever registered (2.222g) was in fact just an ordinary person.


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