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Japanese archaeologists discovered a city of XII century

Archaeologists from the city of Shitzuoka reported that they had discovered ruins of a flooded city of the times of Kamakura (1192-1333) not far away from the Atami shoreline.

Specialists claim that numerous underwater stone structures (at 20-50 meters) could not have been formed naturally. More likely, they resemble former city's structures. Archaeologists discovered 20 sites of ancient ruins, each of which occupies a territory of 1 sq kilometer, writes Asahi.

At the same time, there are no historical documents to prove the actual existence of the city in that particular region.

54-year-old scuba diving instructor Hidenori Kunichigu has begun his own search in 1975. Back then he discovered a fragment of a stone staircase as well as several slabs, former walls. The site, which has been examined by Kunichigu, is located within 100 meters-1 kilometer from the Atami shoreline.

“As far as I can tell from the photographs, these stone structures could not have appeared naturally,” says underwater archaeologist and a professor of Tokyo University of Marine Science Tarao Modzai. “Everything indicates that the structures have been constructed by man.”

Source: NewsRu

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