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Unknown underwater animal found in Atlantic Ocean

The amazing creature was not reminiscent of any other sea animal

Norwegian scientists from the Bergen-based Institute of Marine Research returned from a two-month expedition to study the underwater mountain chain in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists reported the discovery of an unknown creature, which was found living at the depth of two kilometers.

Researchers say it was a crawling bright-colored animal, about 30 centimeters long. The creature had a forefoot and a tail. The amazing creature was not reminiscent of any other sea animals. It was not possible to retrieve the animal from the ocean floor, although scientists managed to take pictures of it.

The unknown animal was definitely a sensation in the scientific world. Researchers, however, say there were over 80,000 rare species found during the international expedition, which united specialists from 16 countries. Scientists have identified about 300 kinds of fish, 50 species of squid – no one has ever seen any of them before.

The above-mentioned expedition was a part of the ten-year Marine Life Census program evaluated in one billion dollars. The Norwegian research ship was outfitted accordingly: scientists had all kinds of equipment at their disposal, including remote-controlled sea robots and a manned sub to explore the underwater world.

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