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Amazing discovery: Сhinese knew astronomy in VII century

The most ancient map of star sky is the Chinese map composed in VII century.
The map has very high degree of precision and depicts 1,345 stars of 257 groups (not constellations). European science became familiar with the details drawn on the Chinese map, only 10 centuries later. Remarkably, the Chinese had no telescopes to explore the sky.

The map contains some stars giving very weak light, it is hard to see them without telescopes. The Chinese map showed the sky as the sphere's image on the cylinder, the technique used in Europe only in XV century.

The map is supplemented with the manuscript predicting future on the basis of clouds.

Dr. Fransuasa Praderi from Paris observatory said that  it is hard to tell who created the map and for what purpose. It could be used by military and for road construction, and for predicting future .


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