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The Biblical Forecast

The year 2006 is predicted to be the most dangerous in regards to new terrorist acts. The famous Jewish mathematician Elijah Ripson has reached such conclusion after carefully examining the Bible.

Elijah Ripson along with a journalist from the Washington Post Michael Drosnin published a book in 1997 entitled “The Biblical Code”. Interestingly, the book contained information concerning the attack of New York's Twin Towers of September 11, 2001 as well as disastrous consequences of the “Columbia” shuttle.

The book's impact was tremendous. Several sources from Washington expressed their interest in the book. According to the European press, Michael Drosnin was invited to attend a top secret meeting of Pentagon's top analytical and investigation services in order to disclose his newly acquired information from the Bible, reports ITAR-TASS.

In his research, Ripson concludes that the upcoming year of 2006 will be the most dangerous in terms of terrorist attacks. Eastern countries will suffer a crisis as a result of nuclear arms tests. Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and New York are among the first cities to be attacked. “The danger will most likely arise from Bin Laden's surroundings or Bin Laden himself,” stated Michael Drosnin.

Source: “Izvestia”            

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